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The story of Oliva cigars

The Oliva family is of Cuban origin

Nicaragua is a country which, in terms of cigars, never ceases to surprise with its know-how and dynamism. With the Oliva family, our selection is expanding with puros with authentic blends.

The Oliva family is of Cuban origin, its history dates back to 1866, when Melanio Oliva started growing tobacco in Pinar Del Rio, the famous tobacco valley.

The tumultuous history of Cuba and Nicaragua is intimately linked to the history of the Oliva family who had to start all over again several times before reaching the notoriety acquired today. The success of this enterprise was achieved thanks to the courage and the will of Gilberto Oliva who, at the age of 84, displays the happy face of a full life. The family stood out for several generations in the cultivation of tobacco and it was under the leadership of Gilberto’s third son, José, that they inaugurated their factory in 1997. The quality of the tobacco they grow and the cigars that they produced them an almost immediate success.

Today no less than eighteen million cigars leave their factory each year. 2017 was a year of great change. First, the great loss of Patriarch Gilberto who left us on December 18. Finally, the Oliva family was bought by the Vandermaliere family, already owner of the well-known brand of mechanical cigars J. Cortès which we also represent.

A flawless transition for the members of the Oliva family who remain present in all the cultivation and manufacturing processes and a great step for the Vandermaliere family which embraces the cigar industry “totally a mano”. It is therefore not without pride that our little Belgium can be proud to be at the head of one of the most beautiful brands of cigars in Nicaragua!

Oliva G series cigars

The “G” Series is original in its Cameroon cape sheet, which is quite rare in the industry. This very special cape has certain aficionados, those who appreciate sweet and suave flavors without any bitterness. With a Habano variety undercoat and a Nicaraguan tripe, we find a cigar of medium power. A pleasant and balanced smoke (the know-how of the family) which places this cigar in a quality / price ratio to say the least interesting.

Oliva V series cigars

The “V” series is certainly the most aromatic of Oliva’s ranges. It is intended for experienced smokers. Its composition indeed incorporates a tripe leaf from the “Jalapa” region specifically selected and fermented which brings a very particular power to this range. Also, the cape of the “habano” variety, cultivated in sun grown, completes this vitola; delivering its characteristic aromatic power. A great classic among lovers of this region.

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Special G

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