Sancho Panza Cigars

The story of Sancho Panza cigars

The Cuban cigar brand Sancho Panza was born in 1848.

The Cuban cigar brand Sancho Panza was born in 1848. It was founded by a German, Emil Ohmstedt, who lived in Cuba. When he creates his brand, it goes almost unnoticed. He set up his factory at 48, Calle de Angeles in Havana. When he died in 1874, he left his business to the Catalan Salvador Perito. The brand often changes owners because of the economic difficulties it encounters. In 1898 it was total bankruptcy and the manufacture temporarily ceased production until it was taken over by Muñozo, Alonso y Cia. The new owners do not succeed in redressing the financial situation.

In 1920, they sold the brand to Ramón Allones, who in turn sold it to Cifuentes.

In 1930, following the economic crisis of 1929, Sancho Panza was bought by the cigar brand El Rey del Mundo. This takeover begins its rebirth: it is the beginning of an era of glory which has not yet ended. Notoriety is acquired following two new creations: the Sancho Panza Molinos cigar (Lonsdale module – caliber 43) and the very cult cigar Sancho. These Habanos conquer with power the palates of lovers of puros who succumb without any resistance to their elegance. The success is phenomenal in Spain. During the 1950s, Sancho was one of the best-selling cigars in the country. Thanks to sales records on Spanish soil, the brand was spared the Cuban Revolution. Currently, it has an excellent reputation with heavy smokers of Habanos.

Sancho Panza creations
The brand’s cigars are among the sweetest puros you can find. They all release a creamy one. Sancho Panza opts for the manufacture by hand of long tripe cigars. Vitolas are characterized, among other things, by a composition made from a mixture of tobacco grown in the plantations of Vuelta Abajo. Today, Sancho Panza offers 7 modules. Its catalog has among others the largest cigar modules such as the Grand Corona worn by the legendary creation Sancho. This cigar is 234 mm long and be careful, it takes 2 hours to overcome it. We can also cite the cigar Sancho Panza Belicosos which has a pyramid module (caliber 52) also called torpedo (torpedo). Shorter than the previous one since it is 140 mm, the cigar can be tasted in an hour. Its aromatic panel is composed of earthy, woody notes with a hint of leather. The whole is embellished with flavors of chocolates and spices. As another example, the Sancho Panza Non Plus cigar has a module straddling the corona and the little corona (caliber 42). It has a woody aroma and an earthy taste. Last example, the shortest cigar of the brand is Molino which reveals a bitter sweet taste.

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Sancho Panza Non Plus (25)

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Sancho Panza Belicosos (25)