Horacio Edicion Especial

Since 2012, the Horacio cigar brand has created exceptional modules in limited series: Horacio Edicion especial cigars. Their leaves are sorted among the rarest tobacco, then kept for five years in the cellar for optimal fermentation. These cigars produced in limited series then develop unique aromas … A trip to the best of flavors.

Horacio Edicion especial cigars are offered in boxes of twelve or fifteen pieces. Their double ring is the signature of these precious modules.

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CHF 158.00

Offre découverte "Horacio". Comprend 12 cigares.

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CHF 316.00

Offre découverte "Horacio". Comprend 24 cigares.

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CHF 60.00

Horacio - Le Coffret. Boîte de 4 cigares.

CHF 280.00

Horacio XXL edicion limitada 2015. Boîte de 15 cigares.

CHF 290.00

Horacio XL edicion limitada 2015. Boîte de 15 cigares.

CHF 200.00

Horacio Bolosos reserva especial HB. Boîte de 12 cigares.

CHF 180.00

Horacio Colosso edition especial HB. Boîte de 15 cigares.

CHF 180.00

Produit en l'honneur de Jacques Chancel. Boîte de 15 cigares.

CHF 223.50

Produit en l'honneur de Pierre Sled. Boîte de 15 cigares.