Vegas Robaina Cigars

The story of Vegas Robaina Cigars

If the Robaina plantations have existed since 1845

If the Robaina plantations have existed since 1845, it is especially with their taking over in 1951 by Alejandro Robaina Pereda that the farm’s products gained notoriety. The tobacco grown there is reputed to give the best leaves in the world, mainly when they are used to make the cape. Moreover, 80% of the tobacco leaves from Robaina plantations can be used for the cape while elsewhere only 30% of the production can be used for this use. It is on Alejandro Robaina Pereda’s farm that the Cohiba and Hoyo de Monterrey brands obtain tobacco leaves. In 1990, it was the consecration: the Cuban government designated Alejandro Robaina as the best tobacco producer in Cuba.

From a family business to a state enterprise
In 1997, the fourth generation of the Robaina family agreed to take the next step. In collaboration with Habanos S.A., it announces the launch of its own brand of Cuban cigars which will be produced with the leaves of tobacco grown in its plantations. This is how Vegas Robaina was born. In tribute to the man who made Cuchillas de Barbacoa famous, Don Alejandro Robaina, a photo of him surrounded by his entire family is affixed to each of the brand’s cigar boxes. Vegas Robaina is today a successful business: with Cohiba and Trinidad they form the top three of the brands that sell the most. To attest to this commercial success, Habanos S.A places Vegas Rovaina at the Alto level (top) of its pyramid. The brand is no longer managed by the Robaina family who passed the reins to the Cuban state. Despite everything, it remains the symbol of the success of the Vegueros, these tobacco planters whose agricultural know-how is at the origin of the excellence of Cuban cigars.

The aromatic panel of Vegas Robaina cigars is extremely rich. There is diversity, but there are two constants: a bouquet of floral aromas and a scent of hazelnuts. They are sweet cigars.

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