Pairing Cigars Alcohol

The “cigar pairing” is an art in its own right, it consists in questioning the optimal adequacy between 2 completely different products. Like the sommelier who searches for the perfect wine to accompany your dish, “cigar pairing” with alcohol is about seeking a union between 2 universes where complex aromatic palettes and power reign.

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Can you dip your cigar in Rum or Cognac?

The rumor

There is a rumor that to increase the intensity of the aromatic panel of a cigar and, at the same time, to further humidify it, it is soaked in cognac or rum. In reality, this is a misconception which is unfortunately widespread among novices. The following lines are a small update on this practice which is much more likely to damage cigars than to improve their organoleptic qualities.

Need for humidity

This method was common during the time when cigar humidors were difficult to access, in particular because of their price, while humidifiers and hygrometers were not yet fully developed. Smokers sprayed their cigars with cognac or rum before storing them to let them age. When asked why they practice this practice, they often say that it is to hydrate the cigar better, to give it a better humidity. With all of the cigar preservation techniques available today, it has become unnecessary to imbibe them. On the contrary, this approach risks damaging them.

Want to flavor: the faux pas

A large number of beginners, and even sometimes some experienced smokers, think wrongly that by moistening their rum or cognac cigars, they will obtain pieces rich in aromas. They have fun plunging the cigar into the glass of alcohol before tasting. First bad surprise: the ignition becomes difficult which is completely normal, because the tobacco is completely wet! Second bad surprise: once the cigar is lit, smokers do not feel any of the aromas present in the alcohol used! Worse, the aromatic panel that characterizes the cigar has lost in intensity. In other words, the opposite of the expected effect has taken place. Suffice to say, the disappointment is there! Fortunately, a disappointing first experience discourages many from repeating the exercise.

Tasting method

Rather than steeping a cigar with rum or cognac, it makes more sense to smoke your cigar while sipping a glass of these alcohols. Their aromas will merge on the palate, giving the smoker’s palate a tasty experience. The tasting will only be better, because this ritual allows you to simultaneously appreciate the flavors and scents of both the cigar and the alcohol. And in many cases, the two aromatic panels blend harmoniously. Finally, there are cigars on the market specially designed to exude a taste of rum or cognac. It is better to acquire them if one wishes to take advantage of the aromas of these alcohols on a cigar.

The humidity provided by wine or whiskey

This technique is recommended for all those who intend to enrich the range of aromas of cigars whose taste and especially the aromas are light. It consists of working on the cigar humidor rather than on the cigars themselves. Thus, there is no risk of damaging them, because the tobacco leaves are not soaked in alcohol. If generally the preparation of the cellar consists of brushing its interior with water, in this process, it is with wine or whiskey that the brushing is carried out. Then pour some alcohol into the humidifier. We finalize by placing the cigars in the cigar cellar. After a few days, we move on to tasting. Very important, you choose a cigar humidor that you are sure to never reuse, because it is practically impossible to get rid of the smell of wine or whiskey.

The last words

A cigar displays all its aromatic richness and complexity when it is smoked naturally. And, to ensure its good conservation, it is necessary to let it age in a good quality cigar cellar. It is completely futile to dip it in cognac or rum.

In the same vein, we sometimes hear certain wine “amateurs” say that it is preferable to pour a small amount of port in their carafe before pouring their wine there so that the wine appears more oxidized on the nose, the Port bringing it its aromas of evolution.
Knowing that for years winegrowers have liked to express the aromas of the terroirs on which they cultivate their vines by proudly displaying the name of the village or plot where the vines are located, do you think that distort the taste of a wine originally from Burgundy or Bordeaux by mixing it with another Port wine could be beneficial for its aromas and identity?

Pairing Cigare + Alcool 01

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Trinidad Reyes SBN (24) : Bas Armagnac Delord Récolte 1971 ou Plantation Barbados Rum 20th Anniversary Extra Old.

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Bolivar Libertador LCDH (10) : Bas Armagnac Delord Hors d’âge ou J.M Millésime 2000 15 ans.

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