Horacio Cigars

Horacio Distribution, a Swiss company, markets Horacio cigars worldwide. The company is based in Geneva, and its bonded warehouse at the free port of La Praille. Horacio Distribution markets the Horacio brand of cigars throughout Switzerland, and coordinates the distribution of the brand for each importer worldwide.

The Horacio cigar factory is located in Esteli, the cigar capital of Nicaragua. The assembly of Horacio cigars is made from premium tobacco. Its construction (the print) is remarkable throughout its tasting.

Cigar gift boxes

Horacio – Le Coffret

CHF 60.00

Horacio - Le Coffret. Boîte de 4 cigares.

CHF 260.00

Horacio 0, magnum gordo de 178 mm. Boîte de 15 cigares.

CHF 200.00

Horacio Bolosos reserva especial HB. Boîte de 12 cigares.

CHF 180.00

Horacio Colosso edition especial HB. Boîte de 15 cigares.

CHF 190.00

Horacio I (N°1). Boîte de 15 cigares.

CHF 175.00

Horacio II (N°2). Boîte de 15 cigares.

CHF 160.00

Horacio III (N°3). Boîte de 15 cigares.

CHF 130.00

Horacio IV (N°4). Boîte de 15 cigares.

CHF 180.00

Produit en l'honneur de Jacques Chancel. Boîte de 15 cigares.

CHF 223.50

Produit en l'honneur de Pierre Sled. Boîte de 15 cigares.

CHF 140.00

Horacio V (N°5). Boîte de 15 cigares.

CHF 160.00

Horacio VI (N°6). Boîte de 15 cigares.

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