Griffins Cigars

Made by the “Davidoff” group, it is one of the most widespread and versatile cigars. Its name is the fruit of a human story. Perhaps you didn’t know it until today, but “Griffin’s” is a Geneva nightclub. Attracting the posh Geneva clientele in the seventies, the owner wished to create his own brand of cigars, confining his establishment to the most chic. For this, the meeting with Mr. Schneider was obviously capital and a few months later, the “Griffin’s” was born.


Griffins 200 cello box


Griffins 200 cello etui


Griffins 300 cello 5 cigares


Griffins 300 cello box


Griffins 300 Tubos box


Griffins 300 Tubos etui


Griffins 400 cello box


Griffins 400 cello etui


Griffins 500 cello box


Griffins 500 cello etui


Griffins 500 Tubos 20 cigares


Griffins 500 Tubos 4 cigares