Davidoff Yamasa Cigars

Davidoff Yamasa cigars combine tobacco from Nicaragua and the Dominican Republic with a cape and tripe from the Yamasá region – a range of beautiful flavors.

Zino has dedicated his life to creating the best cigars possible. The years he spent working and traveling in South America and the Caribbean inspired Davidoff Master Blenders to create Davidoff Yamasa, a blend of Nicaraguan tobacco wrapped in Dominican leaf.

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CHF 345.60

Davidoff Yamasa 60x6 12 cigares

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CHF 70.80

Edition Limited. Davidoff Yamasa Gran Torpedo. Boîte de 3 cigares.

CHF 207.20

Davidoff Yamasa petit churchill 14 cigares

CHF 59.20

Davidoff Yamasa petit churchill 4 cigares

CHF 345.60

Davidoff Yamasa piramides 12 cigares

CHF 115.20

Davidoff Yamasa piramides 4 cigares

CHF 283.20

Davidoff Yamasa robusto 12 cigares

CHF 96.40

Davidoff Yamasa robusto 4 cigares

CHF 332.40

Davidoff Yamasa toro 12 cigares

CHF 113.20 CHF 98.80

Davidoff Yamasa toro 4 cigares