Por Larrañaga Cigars

Por Larrañaga was created in 1834 by a Spanish, Ignacio Larrañaga. The factory was first installed at 94 rue O’Reilly. In order to meet a need for space, Ignacio Larrañaga moved his workshops in 1840 to 58 San Miguel Street. After a few difficult years, the brand was bought in 1870 by Antonio Rivero Martinez. He was the first to initiate the automatic rolling of cigars in Cuba.

The quality of the vitolas was exceptional. The brand quickly received the nickname of the University of Havana. The Por Larrañaga are made today in the “La Corona” factory. These vitolas are renowned for the sweetness of their aromas.

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Box of 10 cigars.

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Por Larrañaga Montecarlos (25)

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Por Larrañaga Panetelas (25)

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Cabinet de 50 cigares.

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Boîte de 25 cigares.