The rum

Rum (French: rhum, Spanish: ron) is a brandy originating in the Americas, processed from sugar cane or by-products from the sugar industry. It is eaten white, aged in barrels (old rum) or spiced. It then takes on a more or less dark amber color. Depending on the products used during its preparation, it can be called agricultural or industrial.

This alcohol from sugar cane or molasses is produced by fermentation and then distillation.

Double Médailles d'or
CHF 170.00

1 bouteille de 70cl.

Quadruple Médailles d'or + 1 Argent
CHF 60.00

1 bouteille de 70cl.

CHF 85.00

1 bouteille de 50cl.

CHF 250.00

1 bouteille de 70cl.

Médaille de Bronze
CHF 80.00

1 bouteille de 70cl.

CHF Swiss franc
EUR Euro