Zino Platinum Cigars

Born from the Davidoff group: The Zino Platinum Serie. A variation of six modules in original formats. They have a packaging worthy of a spy film that allows you to keep them in an almost airtight way, interesting for travelers. The Zino Platinum have a beautiful complexity, and are on a power scale that will appeal to both the novice smoker and the experienced smoker. They are a reflection of the constant quality always offered to cigars coming from Zino factories in Honduras. The tobaccos specially selected for making these cigars come from the Dominican Republic and Peru. They are then matured for four years before manufacture to offer a rich and harmonious blend. The final touch is brought by a cape of connecticut variety grown in Ecuador, thus giving cigars a higher aromatic richness.

They have intense but not aggressive smoke, producing a pleasant sweetness. The XS (Extra Small) is there for small desires.

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CHF 120.00

Boîte de 10 cigares.

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CHF 100.00

Boîte de 3 cigares.

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CHF 328.00

Zino Platinum Chubby Tubos Box

CHF 60.00

Boîte de 20 cigares.

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CHF 232.00

Boîte de 20 cigares.

CHF 52.50

Zino Platinum 643 Corona Cel 5 S

CHF 35.00

Zino Platinum "XS" cello

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CHF 196.80

Zino Platinum Shorty Cello

CHF 34.50

Zino Platinum Pudge Cello pack 3 cigares

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CHF 278.40

Zino Platinum Low Rider Cello

CHF 61.50

Zino Platinum Grand Master Tubos Etui

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CHF 220.80

Zino Platinum Grand Master Cello

CHF 54.00

Zino Platinum Chubby Tubos Etui

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CHF 192.00

Zino Platinum Chubby Cello

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CHF 406.00

Zino Platinum Rocket Tubos

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